Router Technical Support


Get assisitace setup work or home routers within 30 minutes. Our Network Technical Support Team will assist you to setup router of almost every router brand like Linksys, Netgear Bekin, Cisco and other router Brands. Apart from Router Setup, we help you to fix any poblem related to Internet Network of home or office. We fix router connectivity issues, multiple device setup on router, secuirty encryption on router, router extender setup and intermitent connection problems.

Router Support Services Include


1. Router Setup & Configuration
2. Multi Computer Router Configuration & setup
3. Router Connection Setup and configuration
4. Router not connecting to Wifi Internet.
5. Fix Router compatibility Issues
6. Setup Secuirty on Router
7. Router Port configuration and Forwarding
8. Firewall configuration on Router
9. Fix IP conflict on a network.

Why make your Network Security Strong

We are connected to Computers Laptops Mobile and all other devices 24/7 and most of our content like pictures files personal documents are all saved on these devices connected to Internet. Hackers Spammers on the internet can get to your devices if your network is not secured.

Your Routers are first device that gets attacked. You must secure your Router to make your data safe on devices connected to router.

We will give you some tips to secure your router and internet from Internet Hackers

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What makes your wifi router Secured?

To Begin with, You must purchase a router with of a good brand and advance configuration options.

There are many routers available from top brands like Netgear Linksys Dell Tp Link and Asus. Check router brands on Amazon USA with reviews.

1. Keep Your Password on Router Strong.

2. Never Share your password with anybody.

3. Change the router login password after first setup. This is the main reason why most routers get hacked. Routers come with default password for specific brands. As soon as you finish configuration, change router network login password by going to which is for netgear and other router brands can access login page by putting this IP in address Bar or Do not forget it or else you will have to reset router next time.

4. Change your Router Password if offered to a guest user – Once your guest has left, its important to change the password of wireless router. You can follow the steps through this article of router support


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